How we support your privacy (GDPR), in what we use and what we sell. (art.12)

Privacy and Data Security

One of the best advantages with choosing us as your partner, is that you will know what Privacy measures we provide. This is because, that the way we have implemented support for GDPR, is also the way we design all our systems for our customers, regardless if they choose our standard packages or custom development. So what we have on our websites, is also what you will get on your websites, with a list of where it will support GDPR for that specific system.



What is GDPR? We actually have our own website dedicated for GDPR, and have created our own lookup tool, that you can use anytime as a reference to check what GDPR is saying or not. Just click on the icon below and it will open in a tab or a window ready for you to use.

GDPR website with tools and apps: This website provides an overview of our GDPR services. We did all the technical GDPR design and architecture, as well as all the security and production processes. The solution runs on WordPress with a LAMP architecture inside AWS Cloud.

All of our three Customer On-Boarding websites have the same buildt in support for GDPR:
They also have in common that they are not registering any customer data at all, besides what is required for cookies. This is to ensure that any breaches on this site will never include any access to our customer data. All customer entries are done in forms, which are forwarding information to our back-end systems for registration. These forms are protected by Googles Invisible Captcha, to ensure the security. Since the forms are part of a potential query or order process according to: Art.6 (1e), will this be dealt with, from the back-end systems for the relevant GDPR requirements.
This is why we categorize all of our three websites, as customer on-boarding websites, which greatly reduces the risks of potentially harming your existing customers data, whilst on-boarding new customers. In our case these websites are also in an independent instance, so even forcing themselves getting access to the server instance that these websites are on, will not help any intruders to reach your existing customers, because their data is not stored there.

Look at the table below to see the Actual GDPR support:

Nettsted:Om SikkerhetPersonvern
Cookie ErklæringAksept av NyhetsbrevVarsling om brudd
av Personvern

Lettvint utøvelse av
personvern rettigheter.
(Se nedenfor om SAR)

Støtte for
Artikkel 12.

Look at the table below to see the Actual SAR – ‘Subject Access Rights’ support:


As you can, see when we start storing your data as customer data in our CRM or our Billing system, then we are obligated to secure your privacy, with sufficient security to mitigate any privacy breaches. The benefits of these simplifications and security isolations of your security risks becomes now a lot more visible.
Most of the listed SAR’s are then also a part of our DPA’s (Data Processing Agreements), since we only do business with other businesses and not consumers. Once customers enter our back-end systems, will our GDPR measure for the back-ends become visible during the registration or confirmation proceses there.

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